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Before we were anything, we were nothing

Before we were together, we were alone

Before we were Rangers, we were Boughless

The world as we know it is an infinite forest, so dense that sun rarely pierces the canopy. Beasts and monsters lurk in the shadows, ready to eat anything even remotely unprepared. The only place that's safe is inside massive, city sized trees, each housing a unique civilization - The Boughs.

That is, of course, unless you join The Rangers.

If you do, you'll face down Ember-Hounds, teeth dripping with liquid fire, you'll learn the secrets of the Wilds, and how to survive, hell, even thrive among the Shadowless and the Howlers. You'll be called on to stop wars between Boughs, ambush Yix dealers peddling their enchanted drugs, solve mysteries of the endless Firmament deep underground, and explore the outer reaches of the Wastes. You'll see things you wouldn't imagine, you'll tell stories even we won't believe. It's not safe, it's not comfortable and you can't count on fame and riches.

But we will remember you.

The Boughs cry out, we answer

The Boughs is a campaign setting designed for the Dungeon World RPG system, but can function as a system agnostic setting.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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A Tremble In The Boughs

The Boughs call, will you answer?

At this level, the designer of The Boughs and head Game Making Person, Liam, will design and run a custom session for you and up to 3 of your closest friends. The session will be remote, and last at least 4 hours, probably more. The game will be run in the Dungeon World system that The Boughs was designed for, but can be adjusted to another system upon request. You do not need to know how to play DW or other TTRPGs to purchase this tier, Liam will teach you if you need teaching.

Upon purchase you will be asked for your email address to coordinate the session. You will be asked about parts of the setting that interest you, and what kind of characters your players enjoy, so Liam can tailor the session specifically for you and your friends.