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The War In Heaven was won. The tyrannical Angelic Generals are dethroned, and the galaxy-wide networks of sorceries that trapped souls within their net have been removed. A united humanity, armed with the gnosis of their own self-divinity, claimed heaven through violence, and have banished mortality forever.

Some heralded the end of the Tyranny of Heaven as something of a grand finale for humanity. The reclamation of their gnosis, the liberation of their afterlife, and the global collective community seemed to them the culmination of humanity's destiny. After all, when you’ve slain God, what’s left?


HELLPIERCERS is an upcoming tactical tabletop roleplaying game developed and designed by Sandy Pug Games. We are launching a crowdfunder in early 2023. This is our early preview doc designed to give you an understanding of the systems and ideas that make up the game.  It includes our unique swarm mechanics, the implications of our base building and character development options, and a taste of our demon faction system. Hopefully this gives you a good impression of what we're working on!

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This document does not represent the final version of HELLPIERCERS, and may be unbalanced, broken, and unplayable depending on how you define those three things. Certain mechanics are not fully fleshed out, and the vast majority of player options and advanced systems have been pruned, or have not yet been developed. The document also lacks a great deal of the lore and story we hope to build into the game. It's largely unedited, so expect typos and errors.

StatusIn development
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AuthorSandy Pug Games
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I was pretty sure I backed this in the kickstarter but today when I checked I noticed I forgot to press OK!

Is there any way to late pledge?

Not yet, but should be imminently!

Still wondering!

Really want to purchase the game.

Hey, sorry, the campaign page has been up for some time right here; https://jetbacker.com/hellpiercers


This is so my aesthetic from top to bottom it hurts.

Will be backing the Kickstarter and I am very invested in it already.

Will factions get actions in between session, a faction turn?


Essentially, yeah. Should be adding some content for GMs before the KS launch that should clarify this


God this is so fucking dope, especially the meta-progression and faction systems. Is there a reason for the 1 action+move economy? I worry about it making it so only attacks are viable

(1 edit) (+1)

The idea, at least right now, is that we'll balance movement to be fairly powerful compared to attacks, and give you plenty of ways to attack and move as a single action (which effectively gives you two moves as well). The Action + Move tends to work pretty well in a lot of the digital games I'm drawing from, but who knows, there's certainly room to play around with the economy of it all when we get serious about play testing. Thanks for the interest!