Alpha draft - Character Gen rules

A basic alpha draft of this is in private testing right now, but I thought I'd share the character gen rules for now, just as a tease;

Character Creation

Take a sheet of paper and write down the 4 biggest strengths of the person across from you. Pick one social skill, one mental and one physical, then one more for any of those categories. Then pick two of their worst traits, again, physical, social or mental. These skills can be anything, but try to be a little general, and try to make them fit into the lo-fi fantasy world the game takes place. If your friend is particularly good at, say, driving cars, consider taking the skill “Riding” for a physical or even “Navigation” for a mental.

Note: Don’t be mean. This is a game about celebrating your friends and showing them how amazing they seem in your eyes. Be honest about their failings, but don’t try to hurt their feelings.

For each Strength, take two white 6 sided dice, for each weakness, take two black 6 sided dice.

Write a single word that best encompasses your friend, this is your class.

If you're interested in testing, let me know @

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