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Art used to hold back the production of basically everything I made, believe it or not. I spent about a year with a handful of titles that I didn't sell because I had no idea how to get artwork for them, and a cover is required over at DriveThruRPG where I sell most of my designs. I didn't want to just have some basic page with text, cause I knew people wouldn't be interested or click on that, but I also knew I didn't have the skills to produce quality art. Not yet, anyways.

It took me a while to discover Open source artwork, and even longer to really get to grips with some of the tools I had at my disposal to use that artwork in a productive way. Just a quick look at the cover for, say, The Vampire Hunter vs The Samurai or The Judge will show you just how far I've come in that area.

Anyway the art for this game is the word Mirror mirrored against itself with some fancy lines and a plum background

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