Character Sheet, Keeper, And Web App


Wow, hell of a first couple of days. I'm pretty sure we crashed Itch for a minute or two with all of you incredible dorks rushing to download MCS. That's an ego trip I will not forget I tell you what!

Anyway, in the last few days I've updated the page to include the character sheet designed by @byfrancita, and a txt file that shows you how to access the web app, which is currently in beta. This version will eventually incorporate all the additional artwork and the edited text, but right now its a lil rough. Still, looks neat and is easily searchable. PDFs are kinda junko imo. Speaking of web tools, a very very cool comrade @MelonKind, put together this fantastic character keeper. Part Character Sheet, part Rules Reference, it's got everything your squad needs to heal some monsters, check it out!

Double Anyway! Next thing we gotta do is establish a good errata page to catch a few of the lil weird bits that slipped through the net that you've all been awesome enough to share with us. I'll update when that goes live too.

Thanks y'all for all the support you've been giving us and all the noise you've been making about MCS the last year! It's been a tough one, and you really have no idea how vital your comments, ratings, lil mentions on twitter, all of that, have been to the crew. It's really been a lifeline for a lot of us.

See you again soon



MCS Character Sheet - By Francita - Formfill.pdf 447 kB
Oct 30, 2021
MCS Character Sheet - By Francita - Printable.pdf 606 kB
Oct 30, 2021
MCSBeta.txt 77 bytes
Nov 01, 2021

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Sorry if this is a jerk thing to ask buy why does the character sheet cost so much?

Deleted 1 year ago

this page is a lil misleading, if you click the 'buy now' button above it will take you to a pre-payment page with more info:

Is there a way to get just the sheets?  I bought the book from a difrent store.

Wherever you bought it should have a note that says you're entitled to an Itch key. just email me at and I'll hook you up.

fwiw there will be a time when these resources are easily available for free, we're just working on it.