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An utterly ridiculous game in which you roll amounts of dice that would make a 40K Orks player blush (or use rolling machines to help you compute the silly numbers) with a core of telling epic superhero anime epics and a heart of reflective breaks about how you came to be punching an evil planet to death...

This is probably a bit late, but the link you posted to Evil Potato's dice tool is broken


Will new community copies be added soon?


I'm livestreaming this game with some friends and I'm building an (honestly horrifying) Google Sheet for working out dice rolls as commands for roll20 dice rolls and have some rules questions that have come up whilst I was doing that.

The Ability "The Me That Believes In you" says you can use it 'at any point' so does that mean you could trigger it during another players turn?

Does the cape multiplier stack with the other Equipment (ie if you have a cape and an upgraded Weapon you would get 4x2 red energy)

Does the +1 effect of "a book" apply before exploding sixes?

Lastly there's no examples of play for a Tragic ending in ghosts of the past; which leaves what "one major adjustment to their character" might be. is it safe to reasonably assume it's to change a few things on their character sheet (powers/abilities ect)?

Hey NiftyHat! Great questions, I'll add them to the errata doc.

1) Yes you may.

2) All equipment stacks, yes. This can become very broken very quickly.

3) After, tho before is an interesting idea.

4) I think changing their character sheet is a reasonable interpretation of that rule. Equally so would just be a character change too, emotion, goals, internal philosophy, loss or gain of loved ones, etc.


Massive confusion about the HUGE difference between whether power multipliers are ADDitive or multiplicative. Ground our game to a halt for ten minutes as we tried to figure out what was correct.

Today's playthrough gives me the impression it's a fun concept, but it's not sufficiently polished to be confidently playable.


Jack Kirby meets One punch man.  freaking genius concept and top notch aesthetics.  

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Love the style of this game, just noticed on the milestones page though that 20,000 and 2,000,000 HP both show up twice


They do! You're supposed to do two rounds of both, at least how I figured it. Generally you can set your own intervals and even total health, if you wanna play 300,000,000HP Planet. Eagle eyed readers may notice the health total in the book adds up to more than 10 Million, at least at the time of this comment. Honestly that was a mistake but I thought it was so funny that I'd done all this Branding around it being 10 Million, then fucked up the maths, that we wanted to keep it in till it was noticed. May or may not actually fix it.

Original theme and mechanics, that makes me want to jump on that damn fricking planet !



I love this punk-Comic art (is that the right term?) so so much and look forward to buying the physical version!  Gonna go camping and play this over a burning fire...and hopefully a burning planet.

heck yeah!


Is there more to mooks than dealing one damage? it seems like you're supposed to be able to spend power on them to make them more effective but i'm not sure what effect that's supposed to be


Looks like that section got trimmed in the layout for some reason - Mooks deal one damage per player action, and that damage doubles whenever you spend a Power on them. They're one of those run-away-train style things that start off being weak but can quickly end up doing absurd Damage to the planet. I'll fix the missing section and upload a V2 in a few minutes, thanks for letting me know!


Question: Wouldn’t every strike against the 10MHPP be a strike from above? I get the strike from within bit but as long as your on the surface, you’re hitting it from above right?

The spirit of the trigger is that you would be like, flying or attacking from a great height as opposed to punching it on the surface or something, but I think your reading of it is pretty valid too!


Thanks for the clarification!