Update: Free Copies and Open Rules

Hello travelers of the ancient stone!

Two very important updates on this, our first day of release. One embarrassing, one kinda cool. I realized I'd misplaced the rules on how to select the three gods who assist you in your quest. This has been rectified. The rules can be found in the Gameplay section.

The second important update regards access to the game. It occurred to me that the draw of this game is in the truly massive number of potential play partners out there. So I've tweaked the rules about how a game is started a little, and included a code in the book that grants free access to the full rules that players are required to distribute to interested Gods. Please do not spread this link in any context other than an active game of The Final Gods Of The Lost Belle.

Hope you are all enjoying the book!


BellesV4Itch.pdf 3 MB
Jul 02, 2021

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