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Visually Accessible version uploaded, Actual Play podcast
Hey Folks! I just uploaded a plain black and white version of the sheet for folks who might struggle to read it as is. It also prints significantly better. We...
Postmortem, Vulnerability
[Cross posted from] So, wow, Mirror kinda blew up overnight thanks to a fantastic article by Beth Elderkin over at io9 and the response ha...
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Character sheets and Playing with Odd Numbers
I designed some basic character sheets you can use instead of note paper, it comes with some helpful reminders of rules and places to put your dice when you're...
Playtest results
The most recent round of playtesting really helped refine this design into something I think people are gonna love. We started off pretty well - character gen a...
Cover Art
Art used to hold back the production of basically everything I made, believe it or not. I spent about a year with a handful of titles that I didn't sell because...
Alpha draft - Character Gen rules
A basic alpha draft of this is in private testing right now, but I thought I'd share the character gen rules for now, just as a tease; Character Creation Take a...

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